It’s a new year and that means another fresh start for the retail industry! You could be forgiven for feeling cautious of 2013, not least after a year of shops shutting their doors for the last time. However it’s not all bad news, as demand and usage of ecommerce websites boomed in 2012. Ecommerce websites have evolved to be more personal, portable and available across more channels than ever, and evidence suggests that they actually support in-store purchases.

2012 created a fantastic platform for the ecommerce world to build upon and there’s no time like the present to launch a sparkling new ecommerce website. The way that things are going, we have a feeling that 2013 may shake off any “unlucky number 13” connotations with the help of the rising ecommerce sales figures. Here are our predictions for ecommerce 2013!

1.       The rise of mobile:

Mcommerce is on the up as more people shop around the clock and on the go. A mobile friendly website opens up endless potential for increased sales as you never know who might be browsing (even if your Google analytics might give you some clue!).  Having an mcommerce website also has a couple of unexpected advantages, as recent research has shown that 10% of December 2012 sales were influenced by visits to mobile-friendly websites. What are you waiting for?

2.       Increase in highstreet presence:

It may sound like a paradox, but the ecommerce and highstreet could start to work hand in hand. That’s right, the unoccupied shops could become the real-life platform for ecommerce shopping. In 2012, fashion brand Very took “window shopping” to a new level as they launched their own outdoor ecommerce shop, which used QR code and Near Field Communication (NFC) functionalities. Happy shoppers scan their smartphone or tablet against the technologies and then have the capability to buy items which are delivered as soon as the next day. 

3.       The real virtual experience:

With increasingly realistic environments on video games, there’s no reason why this technology shouldn’t be a part of the online shopping experience. Virtual changing rooms are starting to make waves across the ecommerce sector, as they enhance the physical experience of virtual shopping by offering the interaction and information provided by real shopping. Beneficial to both buyer and seller, the immediacy of this function is hugely appealing, and it can be expected to support purchase decisions and reduce returns.

4.       Identity definition and consolidation:

One thing that hasn’t changed across the commerce spectrum is that consumers continue to value a personal touch. Engaging in social media is one way of providing an easily accessible engagement with your audience. This is one of those scenarios where quality is key above quantity, as more than anything you want your fans to advocate your words and share them with friends, to increase your reach and sales.

5.       Further increase in competition:

What’s worse than a business not having a website? A business with a confusing website. The rise in online retailers also means a rise in competition, and traders cannot afford to be let down by a complicated and confusing website. The virtual world mirrors reality, as consumers will not dwell too long on a difficult and complicated website just as you wouldn’t hang about in an unsettling shop. Perhaps the prediction here could be a rise in clear and easy to use websites, but a more likely prophecy is that there will be more websites to set your business apart from!


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