Where does social media fit into your business?

Most marketing articles lead with something like ‘How social media has changed the world of advertising’ which sounds great, but for most people, starting a social media campaign can be a daunting task. Most people don’t really know why they should be on social media, or what to say, but through FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) they dive in anyway. And when no one comments on their updates, or starts buying their products two weeks later, they abandon it and claim it didn’t work and it’s not for them.

It’s a tricky thing to get right, there are multiple platforms, which all work differently to each other, you have to invest time and learn new skills, while constantly finding new ways of engaging your audience to build something worthwhile.

We like to think of ourselves as social media experts, so here are some of our recent successes, which tell you a bit about what we did, and what impact it had.


We launched an integrated recruitment campaign for Shropshire and Telford NHS Trust, whose largest element is social media (by a long way). We created the ‘#belongtosomething’ campaign combining traditional marketing with multiple social media platforms including, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Facebook drew the greatest interaction from users and quickly became a go-to hub for the latest job posts and local news. The campaign has recently hit 10,000 likes and more importantly, has an organic weekly reach of over 50k connections.

As part of our management of the campaign, we respond to every message, comment, and share, to show that this is an accessible portal for any questions users have. The combination of online and offline marketing has revolutionised the way recruitment is being approached within the local hospitals.

Why does it work?

1. By only using imagery of real staff and the surrounding areas, we keep things honest.

2. We post up to 6 times a day. By posting all the vacant jobs it shows the range of positions available, creating an all-inclusive page, which is open to everyone.

3. We use targeted Facebook advertising for hard to fill vacancies, ensuring we were talking to the right people.

4. We made the whole process accessible, by encouraging conversation about roles, the local area or training. People are also able to tag people they think the roles would be suitable for.

Rotech Laboratories

Rotech are part of a group of accounts we manage and there was a longer approach to this campaign to build their client base. LinkedIn was selected as the primary platform thanks to its advanced targeting tools.

We ran two training sessions; the first focused on general social media platforms and management skills, and the second was a LinkedIn specific training.

Using the powerful search tools, allowed the client to easily connect with the right people. By using the training, they have been able to connect with new people and importantly, secure new clients, through targeted posting and communication.

Why does it work?

1. Empowering the client with focused training.

2. The search tools enabled the client to narrow down and target the exact customer they were looking for.


The main focus was to drive sales of a current product, and talk to existing customers about repeat orders. Therefore our approach is split into two parts - we run adverts targeted at specific industries through Facebook, and engage with existing customers through Twitter, encouraging them to engage and share images of their product.

We’re building a targeted audience and recently put out a promotion that sold 7 units within a matter of hours through social media posts.

Why does it work?

1. Facebook advertising is low cost, which gives the opportunity to build an audience cost effectively.

2. Twitter gives us the opportunity to engage with customers easily and directly.

So, now what? Social media isn’t going anywhere, and the sooner you start the better. Give us a call to find out how we can help you get started, revitalise your efforts or manage the whole thing, to create an effective communication and sales tool.

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