There’s been a buzz in the marketing world about remarketing and we can see it in the form of ads on the side of the page every time we log into Facebook or browse a website. But what is it?

Remarketing is a snazzy online marketing tool, basically designed for businesses to follow up and bring back customers that may have previously browsed their webpage. By adding some simple tags to their website, businesses can track which pages a visitor has browsed, what they’ve added to their cart and what purchases they’ve made. They can then display relevant and targeted ads for their business or product on other websites that the visitor may be looking at, keeping their website or products in the mind of the visitor.

Remarketing is becoming one of the most utilised online marketing methods for its efficacy and clever way of maintaining a relationship with online visitors. Tracking visitor activity in this way enables marketers to deliver targeted and personalised ads to a specific, relevant audience and help maintain and generate interest. The theory goes that repeat exposure to a product or company generates sales. Remarketing is designed to speed up and target this process - no more wasted marketing efforts!

Whilst the benefits are pretty straight forward, we know these new tools can be a little baffling – if you have any questions or are interested in remarketing as a service, feel free to give us a call on 01743 344911, ping us an email at hello@cleardesign.co.uk or reach out on Twitter @ClearDesign.

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