Is your website working for you? Is your online presence doing the trick? If it’s time for change but you’re not sure where to begin, follow our three easy tips on how to spring clean your website and enhance your online presence.

1.       Improve homepage userbility.

Do you visit your website often? How easy do you find it to use? If your website is difficult to navigate, or cluttered and unorganised, you may be turning away potential business just based on a first impression. You may need to improve your entire website userbility, but for now let’s just talk about your home page which is in many cases the first point of contact for your business.

So what does your homepage do? Perhaps you want to introduce your company, or maybe you hope to make a sale or encourage visitors to sign up. It’s probably all of the above, but we would suggest that one of the main things you hope visitors will do when they get to your homepage is to get off it. Your homepage should act as an easy to use tool to inform and direct visitors deeper into your website.

A homepage with clear tabs and call-to-action boxes will encourage your visitors to explore your site further and contact you. Improve userbility by making your homepage clean, clear and easy to navigate by ensuring that it doesn’t include confusing aspects such as competing links, gimmicky animation, dense text, patterned backgrounds and hard-to-read fonts as these will be an instant turn-off for your visitors.

2.       Create a blogging partnership.

You may be blogging already, but if not, it’s a great way to publicise your expertise. You don’t have to share the secrets of your success, but giving a little bit of yourself can have huge returns for you. You will reinforce your customer’s trust in you and desire to continue working with, or purchasing from you.

Go the extra mile and create a blogging partnership. Ask businesses that you like and trust whether you can guest blog on their website, and likewise invite them to guest blog on yours. Not only does this create an interesting mix of content, it also creates a positive relationship and offers a great impression of your business as you increase trust and credibility.

Beyond the social benefits, guest blogs and blogging partnerships can also be good for your website/blog site, as they generate relevant links for search engine optimisation. So what are you waiting for? Start up your partnership today with a guest blog!

3.       Blow your own trumpet!

Lots of great testimonials but don’t know what to do with it? You might be the best business around, but no one will know unless you tell them. Sometimes great feedback will be offered spontaneously, and at other times you may go looking for testimonials but whatever you do, make sure you don’t just keep them in a dusty binder somewhere.

People want to see testimonials about you because it helps to reassure them that you really will stick by your word, whether that means you offer a fantastic service or produce great quality products. Evidence that you satisfy customers adds value to the promises you make. Put testimonials on your website, tweet them out and get them on your Facebook. Compile a folder of them and keep it in reception for anyone who might drop by. Whatever you do, make sure you shout about them!


Not sure where to start? Our design, digital and marketing teams can help with all of the above. If you would like some expert creative advice on refreshing your homepage, website or blog, please just give us a shout.

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