Content marketing is all about having great content on your website that’s not only relevant, but that people actually want to read & share with others.

Big Impact on SEO

Content marketing and SEO are like bacon & eggs. You can have them on their own & they’re pretty good, but together they can be great!

Your website should be full of relevant, high quality information, like who you are & what you do, but it’s all too easy to go rogue on your blog (yes, you should have one). Keeping things focused can really help with your SEO & getting people to your site. Take a look at your Analytics to see what people are searching for include key phrases & words in your content, but before you go crazy & start stuffing your content with hundreds of keywords, Google knows this trick & is likely to penalise you. The key is to keep things natural :)

Content gets Social

You can’t spend more than 5 minutes on Facebook or Twitter without seeing someone else’s content being shared amongst friends. Content sharing is everywhere & platforms like Pinterest and Google+ are equally geared towards content discovery, with things being adapted towards a user’s interests.
You can increase the reach of your content by posting it through social media, making it easier for users to share your information. This content should set you apart & include the kind of information people find interesting, want to talk about & share. This all helps to build trust & belief in your company, not to mention networking with millions of people.

Increase Conversion Rates

Your content should directly address the needs of your customers. By anticipating common problems or queries, you can help them complete an enquiry or purchase quickly and efficiently.
Make things work by including the kind of information that would show an understanding of your customers’ needs. If you have an ecommerce website you may want to include in-depth product specification and 360-view images to cover all those simple questions, but if you are a B2B service, step-by-step technical information or industry updates may add value.
Whatever your goals are, we can work with you to, improve your content, kick-start your forgotten blog or provide social media management.
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