Our client Alcoa Fastening Systems provide fastening solutions to a wide variety of industrial markets and customers all over the globe. Initially, we helped support their global growth with a multi-language content management system and global ecommerce sites. However, there was no guarantee that their customers accessing the website from (for example) America, would be directed to the American version of the site. We needed to ensure that global website visitors were finding the right website according to their location.


We developed an IP address reader tool, to ensure that Alcoa’s global customers can find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. The IP address reader can identify the exact location of the accessing device, and ensures that the website retrieved is always in the right language and presenting the most relevant information according to location. This ensures that Alcoa can continue to offer the most efficient service to their customers.

Looking ahead:

Not only is this tool useful for a static website, but also for a global ecommerce site. The tool enables the website administrator to deliver different information and prices to a visitor according to their location. If your business could benefit from an IP address reader tool, give our technical wizards a ring today.

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