A/B Split Testing Simplified

Performing A/B testing on a website entails offering two or more landing pages with subtle – but intentional - design differences to establish which has the best response in producing positive results. Getting rid of the guesswork means you can continuously update and amend your website in the knowledge that you’re directly working to improve conversion rates on your website, whether that be a purchase or enquiry form submission.

So what exactly is A/B split testing?

It is what it says on the tin. The two slightly different landing pages (A and B) are simultaneously set up on the website and visitors to the website are randomly distributed either version A or version B. Upon analysis of the response and user behaviour for each landing page, you can determine which of the alternative variables on the page has a higher success rate and in turn, choose the one to proceed with.

The good news is that you can continuously improve and analyse user response by creating a new landing page by slightly changing an element of the previous winning page (either A or B). For example, a call to action button may be blue on one version and red on another. No need to simply wonder which the winner would be, A/B split testing means you can actually do the leg work and establish the answer in a quantitative way.

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